Monday 8th January 2018


70 years ago, the people of Kashmir were denied the right to self-determination.

At 7pm, on Monday 8th Janruary 2018, the Justice4Kashmir will be holding a meeting on at Unity House, Stanley Road, Worcester.  The purpose of the meeting, is to explain the Kashmir issue to those who wish to learn about Kashmir.


Rajmohan Ghandi said

GhandiRajmohan GhandiMany a sin has been committed in Kashmir, many a sin. I acknowledge this; the people of Kashmir are much aggrieved. I know I have been there, but the people of India are being presented with a different version of events, a different reality.
So the whole reality will have to be placed before the Indian public and India will have to be forced to change its position.  I am confident it can be done.
India said we will have a plebiscite to find out the wishes of the people that has not happened and has to be recognised. India should be reminded of her promise

The Muslim of Kashmir, the atrocities committed against him, whatever has befallen him, don’t I ponder over it.  I hurt inside and I am ashamed.”
      Rajmohan Ghandi Grandson of M.Ghandi