Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Could you give us a quick summary of the background to the Kashmir issue?

Please check the history page for a brief summary.

Q2. The Kashmir issue is known for the barbarity of the Indian occupying forces, Could you provide some information in regards to human rights violations?

Please check the Human Rights page for a details of human rights violations.

Q3.  Justice for Kashmir? 

Who are you and what are your goals?

Please check the about us page to get an idea what we hope to achieve.

Q4.  You mentioned that Justice for Kashmir is non-partisan.  We all know that many people have used and abused the Kashmir issue for their own ends. How is Justice for Kashmir different?

IWhat makes us different? As Kashmiri's we are about encouraging other Kashmiri's to take up the cause of Kashmir, our strategy is simple, teach the Kashmiri's about their history and whats happening in the world and politicians will struggle to exploit our cause, because we will be able to see through their lies.

Q5. Why do you think now is the right time to make a concerted effort to support the Kashmiri right of self determination?

History has shown us that every generation of Kashmiri's have demanded their right to self-determination, on each occasion the 'Ruler' of Kashmir has been able to blame neighbours for inciting the population.

1931 witnessed the 'Martyrs Day uprising, against the Maharaja, this subsided during World War 2, when Many Kashmiri's joined the British War effort against Nazi Germany
1946 witnessed the returning Kashmiri Veterans from the fight against Nazi Germany launch Quit Kashmir Campaign against the Maharaja, this culuminated in what is referred to as the first Kashmir war in 1947, between Indian & Pakistan.
1965 the second Kashmir, resulted in a full scale war between India & Pakistan over Kashmir
1989 the first mass uprising against India (as opposed to the Maharaja)
1999 limited war in Kagil.
2009 the second mass uprising, against India, ereupted when 1/2 million Kashmiri's brought Kashmir to a standstill.

On this occasion, it was common knowledge that Pakistan was busying fighting against the Pakistani Taliban in the Tribal Belt, and India is the best friend the anti-Taliban Government in Kabul. In short India & Pakistan were on the same side, it was impossible to blame Pakistan for the mass uprising in Kashmir. For the first time in India's history, a national TV poll, showed 6/10th of Indians said Kashmiri's have the right to self-determination.

We want to end the cycle of violence, many Indians are aghast at the violence that is being committed in their name and are looking for someone to extend a hand of peace towards, we want to work with them to find a way forward.

Q6.  There are many Kashmiris' living in the UK who have no connection to their roots, culture, language, music arts , etc:  How will Justice for Kashmir be supporting our youth?

There are a number of organisations that are addressing these issues and we have some events planned in partnership with them. Details of these events will be announced on our events page.

Q7. What is the significance of the Snow Leopard?

The Snow Leopard is beautiful large cat, that is native to the Kashmir Region, there are an estimated 360 Snow Leopards left in Kashmirit is also on the the largest a beautiful cat native to the wider region. Conservation efforts to save this large cat, is one areas neighbouring countries are working together.  If Kashmiri's Indian's, Pakistani's and Chinese can agree to work together to save this cat, then maybe we can work together to save humans.