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Where is Kashmir?

Kashmir is sandwiched between Afghanistan, China, India & Pakistan. Kashmir’s area (222,236 sq km) and Population (13m). It is divided among three countries in a territorial dispute

History of Kashmir

Recent factual history of Kasmir starting in 1845, when Maharaja Gulab Singh supported Britian against Sikh Punjab and ending at 2000.

About J4K

So who are Justice 4 Kashmir, what do they hope to do? Do we really need another Kashmiri Group and what makes J4K feel they can make a difference for the sake of Kashmir

Human Rights

A brief summary of the Human Rights situation in Kashmir, plus links to other organisations that are working to make things better in Kashmir


Questions that J4K get asked, all the time. Its always going to be quicker to read the FAQ, then to wait for a response by email.